Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who should be an All Star in 2010? Your boy is here to break it down

Monday was the last day to officially vote for the starters for the 2010 NBA All Star Game. Tonite on TNT, The NBA will announce the starters for the Eastern and Western Conference. The game is always a big deal as it signifies the halfway point to the season. Only once a year will you see so many superstars take the court at one time. This years game will be held at Cowboys Stadium which is probably the best venue to watch any sport. I can only imagine replays of your favorite player making a spectacular play on the jumbo tron in cowboys stadium. Its gonna be sick!

One of the biggest ongoing debates in the NBA is how to select the starters for each team. For years fans have been able to vote for their favorite players to be in the starting lineup. I like this philosophy but now fans have lost control and are voting the wrong people into the starting lineup.

It all started with Yao ming who is from china which happens to have the biggest population of any country in the world. Yao's rookie season the fans (95% Chinese) voted him as a starter when Shaq clearly deserved to be there. Since fan voting is global it was allowed. It has since snowballed to this year where Tracy Mcgrady and Allen Iverson will probably be named starters to the All Star game. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for Mcgrady and Iverson but they don't deserve to be reserves let alone starters in the 2010 All Star game. Both guys have been out with injury most of the year. Mcgrady played in less than 5 games before Houston sent him home with pay as they looked to trade him. Iverson started the season with memphis and complained about playing time so he opted to retire only to unretire a week later and sign with Philly. On the court both players have been average at best but definitely not All Star worthy.

The Coaches and/or GM's need to be given control of picking the complete roster of the All Star game. I would venture to say that they would do a better job of picking players who are worthy of an appearance. I appreciate Stern giving the fans the option to choose the starters but some have become reckless and unknowledgable about the game and its players. Some have become bias to the point that good players are getting left off the team. This has to stop.

The starters will be announced tonite and the reserves sometime the following week. If I'm Picking, the 2010 All Star game would look like this.

West starters - Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitski, Tim Duncan.

West Reserves - Deron William, Steve Nash, Brandon Roy, Kevin Durant, Pau Gasol, and Amare stoudamire

East Starters - Rajon Rondo, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard

East Reserves - Mo Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, Antwaun Jamison, and Gerald Wallace.

This group is clearly the cream of the crop and should be representing the NBA as All Stars. I have a funny feeling there will be plenty of snubs in this years game. The Fans are definitely going to mess this up. My only question is how bad.



  1. WOW!!!! I actually agree with your picks!!!! This is a momentous day...the only one that is questionable is Gerald Wallace...he's not even the best player on the Bobcats, other than that great pics.

    Now...about the fans not voting for the All-Stars...that will never happen. This game is for entertaiment...given that fact you will have people that watch the game not for the love and appreciation of basketball, but for pure entertainment. This is why you will have Allen Iverson starting this game, bc for years he has been entertaining NBA viewers...and those who do not watch regularly enough to know how to properly vote will vote for the names they recognize. The bottom line is this is a business and the fans pay the bills (thru ticket sales and companies who advertise in order to reach the NBA's large TV audience)...if you alienate your fan base it could have negative effects on the pockets, and when in business you never want that. The tradition will stay the way it is.

  2. V sports lady - The NBA also has to do the right thing. If a player is not playing on his own team for half the year but gets voted into the all star game you alienate another player that is truly deserving. Iverson in no way shape or form should be starting in the allstar game. Gerald Wallace is having a career year and has the bobcats in position for their 1st playoff appearance. He is the ultimate blue collar performer. He is definitely deserving.

  3. As a lover of basketball I agree that deserving players will not be in the All-Star game...but this is, and has always been a popularity contest...when it's set up as such you will have these type of things happen.

    And I still don't like Wallace in the All-Star game.

  4. I know it doesn’t really matter before the All-Star Break, but the Jazz are in 4th place in the West!! I mean I don't think they'll be there at the end of the season but they will be in the playoffs, here is what I think the seeding will be heading into the playoffs.

    1. Lakers with Kobe Bryant / Pau Gasol
    2. Dallas with Dirk Nowitzki / Jason Kidd
    3. Denver with Chauncey Billups / Carmelo Antoney
    4. Blazers with Brandon Roy / Lamarkus Aldridge
    5. Jazz with Deron Williams / Carlos Boozer
    6. Suns with Steve Nash / Amar'e Stoudemire
    7. Spurs with Tim Duncan / Tony Parker
    8. Rockets with Aaron Brooks / Luis Scola