Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lakers look dominate, Celtics look lost on MLK day.

Nobody takes advantage of Holidays like the NBA. MLK day like Christmas and Thanksgiving is a huge day in the NBA. Yesterday the usaul supects the Lakers and the Celtics were featured. Most people have these two teams meeting each other in the Finals in June. That may be the case for one of the teams but for the other it will be a true battle to get to the finals.

The Lakers played Orlando last nite in a finals rematch that lived up to the hype. Dwight Howard was dominant early and was the only bright spot for Orlando. He finished with 24 points and 12 rebounds. He was overshadowed by Shannon Brown and Pau Gasol. Brown had a career high 22 points and looked unstoppable at times in the
1st half. He has really become a quality, trustworthy reserve for the Lakers. Pau was just Pau. dominant against smaller players and too skilled for bigger players. He is the perfect Robin to Kobes Batman. LA seized control of the game in the 4th quarter with a 15-0 run to start to the period and never looked back. I just cant see anybody beating the champs in a 7 game series.

3,000 miles away the Celtics hosted the Mavericks in an exciting Mon. matchup. The storyline was simple. Too much Nowitski. Dirk Nowitski is a matchup nightmare for just about anybody. I have never seen anybody shoot the ball as well as Dirk, well maybe Larry Bird but thats it. He absolutely destroyed the Celtic frontline. Dallas was down in the 1st half but took control of the game in the 3rd quarter slowly beginning to pull away from the Celtics. Defensively the Celtics have been having problems and Dallas took full advantage. Jason Kidd handed out 17 assist making it easier for the Mavs who shot the 3 ball great in 2nd half. Dallas desperately needed this win droppin 2 out of their last 3. Boston without KG has looked lost. No identity, no toughness, and no stellar defensive play. These are things Boston has been know for over the past 3 years. They better find a way to rite the ship because the east is no picnic with the likes of Clevland, Orlando, and Atlanta all looking to get to the finals.

Even though we are just entering the half way point in the NBA, the Playoff push will officially began in late Feb. Seeding and homecourt are all too important and both the Lakers and the Celtics need to be at the top of their games if they plan to meet in the finals. Based on what i saw last nite the Lakers seemed poised and ready for a repeat while Boston is trying to keep up with the pack in the east. I wish June would just get here already.



  1. Sounds like this article is written by somebody from LA! You CAN'T be serious!!!! LA JUST lost to the Clippers less than two weeks ago...and now you have them repeating as NBA Champs?!?...NO WAY!!! LA beat an Orlando team that hasn't played anywhere near expectations ALL YEAR. Jameer Nelson is boo boo this year and they let go of Alston anticipating his coming back and killin like he was before he got hurt...hasn't happened...they need better guard play.....As for Boston you failed to mention in your article that the Celtics were playing without Kevin Garnett...arguably the best player on the team!...with Garnett on the court Dirl WOULD NOT have had the game he had....Lakers will not get Home Court but will make it to the West Conf Finals...LOOSE and GO HOME!!!!

  2. wow the laker haters are out in full effect. The Lakers are the defending champs and return the same team they had last year and upgraded with Artest at Small Forward. LA has the best frontline in the game, the best coach, and the best player. I see a 3 peat with one already in the books. The celtics look old and their window is slowly closing. With or without KG they will struggle to come out of the east. Lakers in 6 against whoever.