Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy nite in the NBA, KG steals the show with his return giving Boston hope

Friday night in the NBA is always a big deal. The majority of the league was in action last nite including most of the elite teams. The Lakers, Boston, and Orlando all got wins while San Antonio and Dallas struggled last nite.

The Biggest story was in Boston as the Celtics beat Portland in OT 98-95. This was all so important because KG was back in uniform for the Celtics. Boston had been average at best without their superstar and were looking to get back on track. Boston is known for being one of the better teams on the defensive end and KG is one of the main reasons for that success. He is extremely long and active. He has great anticipation and timing to block shots and he is probably the best one on one post defender in the game today. With KG in the lineup most people predicted Boston as the pre season favorite to win it all. They took a step in that direction by merely getting back their All Star Forward. He scored 13 points in 30 mins of play and looked good running up and down the court without laboring. It will take a few weeks for him to get back in game shape but I think Boston will begin to make a push for the top spot in the east. The Eastern Conference however will be a dogfight at the top as 4 teams Clev, Bost, Atl, and Orl all have a chance at claiming the top spot. Cant wait to see how this all pans out.


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