Thursday, January 28, 2010

The NFL is trippin, Pro Bowl before Super Bowl?

In the other 2 major sports the All Star game is a big deal! The NBA All Star game is a big production, almost like a Broadway Show. A week full of events in which the fans can interact with the players, highlighted by All star Saturday nite and the All Star game on Sunday. MLB has the Home Run Derby which people from all over the country flock to see during its All Star Weekend. There is a genuine buzz surrounding the players leading up to that weekend. The NFL has, umm well replacement players for the stars who are reluctant to play.

The Pro Bowl is the NFL's version of the All Star game. It has absolutely no luster or hype surrounding it. Players like to get away and enjoy themselves off the field but they hate to play in the game itself. For the longest the Pro bowl was held in Hawaii after the season was over. It was a perfect get way as the best of the best were honored as Pro Bowlers. On the field it is a different story. Players hate the Pro Bowl because they risk injury. Truth be told every time you step on the court/field you risk injury but in the NFL the risk is easily doubled. Especially in a game that means nothing.

This year the Pro bowl is scheduled for this Sunday in Miami. A week before the Super Bowl which is also to be held in Miami. Coaches, GM's and fans are shaking their heads on this one. 14 players total were selected from the Colts and Saints to play in the Pro Bowl this weekend and none will take the field. Each player only there to full fill his league obligation. The NFL totally dropped the ball on this one. The big prize for all 14 of those guys comes a week later in the Superbowl. They could careless about the Pro Bowl. So why have the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl? Somebody please help me understand because the NFL clearly doesn't.



  1. In both of the leagues you mentioned (MLB & NBA) the "All-Star" game occurs in the middle of the season...and the championship game is the league's BIG FINALE. Unfortunalty, the NFL is different...the teams play way fewer games, and as you said the risk for injury is higher so the NFL Pro-Bowl couldn't possibly occur in the middle of the wouldn't be a fair assesment of talent and players wouldn't participate....which leads to the reason why they changed the scheduling...RATINGS!!!!...Ratings pay the bills...after the Superbowl aka the Grand Finale people stop paying attention to Football...the fans, networks, etc....with the Pro-bowl being before the interest will still be there and with that so will the ratings. I do agree that the NFL should do a better job of making it a true event like the NBA with maybe a skills challenge or 40yd race, but I don't think it was a bad decision to move the date up, for one simple reason....last year I forgot the Pro-bowl was even on...this year I won't.

    Hope this helps.... ;-)

  2. Good insight. Im leaning towards getting rid of the game all together. The excitement is just not there. If the players arent excited about playing then why should the fans be excited about watching. Nothing the NFL can do to overshadow the Super Bowl so why even try. Having the Pro Bowl a week before just makes you look desperate or even stupid. The NFL can and should do better