Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When is the right time to shut it down?

One of the issues that I have with Athletes in all of sports is knowing when to retire. Average players don't have this issue. Superstars struggle with this time and time again. The Latest example is Brett Favre. Favre has been going back and forth on stepping away from football for the last 5 years. He did it with the Packers who grew tired of his antics and decided to push him out the door in favor of Aaron Rodgers. Favre did it again with NY Jets. Surgery on his Bicep muscle kind of sealed the deal on that one. Favre just finished an incredible season with Minnesota and at 40 yrs old is pondering a come back for another season. Come on Brett your killing me. Granted, Favre can still play at a high level as he proved this year but at some point you gotta let it go. 40 yrs young is a good time do it especially in the unforgiving and physically challenging NFL. Favre's legacy is already set. He is a Super Bowl Champion, multiple league MVP, and easily a top 5 QB of all time. There is nothing left to prove. Honestly, He needs to go and sit down somewhere and stop sending us through this soap opera every offseason.

The problem is great competitors don't know when to call it quits. Their competitive juices are always flowing and they are constantly looking for the next challenge. You saw that with Ali who came back from retirement. You Saw it with Jordan with his stint Bulls then again with the Wizards. You Saw it with Gretsky, Magic, and Floyd Mayweather. As a great athlete you just cant Stop. Hopefully the next generation of Star Athletes does a better job of knowing when to shut it down. If the past is any indication, I wouldn't bet on it.



  1. Liked the article. The only thing I would request is that you get your facts correct. Farve appeared in 2 Superbowls...Superbowl XXXI and XXXII one of which he won...Superbowl XXXI...he lost the second to the Denver Broncos.

  2. v sports lady - you are truly a piece of work