Monday, January 25, 2010

Carolina out of the top 25, Say it aint so

Living in the state of North Carolina not a second goes by that I don't see a Tar Heel Jersey or some type of baby blue baseball hat. State School, State Pride, yeah I get it. Carolina is also coming off a National Championship so the expectations are super high. The people around here need to see their team winning. As of late that's not happening and for the 1st time in a long time North Carolina has fallen out of the top 25.

They have the talent but they are missing a key component. Guard Play. For the last 3 years Carolina had Ty Lawson who is now a top 5 rookie in the NBA. He was the floor general and a huge reason for their success. This years squad features Larry Drew at the point who is far from the decision maker that Lawson was. He is backed by freshman Dexter Strickland who has promise but is inexperienced. Carolina turns the ball over early and often and have seemed to have lost a step defensively. This comes as no surprise as to why they are taking some losses in conference play.

The ACC waits for no one and if Carolina doesn't figure out a way to protect the ball then they will be in serious trouble. I'm talking Post season NIT type trouble. The Tar heels go to NC State this week which will be no gimme. Lets see how they bounce back as the 26th best team in the country.



  1. Carolina isn't even the 26th best team in the country...they are closer to 30-35. The bottom line is they SUCK...sometimes just bc you're a highly touted recruit doesn't mean that talent is going to transfer to the college level. It may be true that Carolina has talent (I guess) but it is individual...definately not talented as a team. I do agree that with how poorly Carolina is playing it's looking like NIT dancing for the Tar Heels...YEAH!...and even with Harrison Barnes coming next year... I'm not sure how much better they will be then either.

  2. I gotta believe that carolina is better than what they are showing. However, Any way you want to slice it they are got not getting it done. I see them finishing in the lower half of the ACC.