Thursday, January 21, 2010

Duke and Carolina both lose on the same night, The ACC must be catching up.

Duke and Carolina have dominated the ACC for years. Since I can remember the two teams have been the cream of the crop in the nations best conference. That was not the case last nite. Duke was beaten at NC. State while Carolina lost at home against Wake Forest. Duke is known for being extremely tough on the road. Fact is they have not won on the road and are 3-2 in the ACC. Carolina has lost 3 straight conference losses, 2 of which were home games and 2 of which were blowouts. Their record is a 1-4 in Conference play. Duke is currently In 3rd place while Carolina is in 11th place. So What gives?

The ACC is getting better. Teams are starting to figure out how to beat Duke and Carolina and the best time to do it is when their down. Carolina lost 4 players to the NBA last year and feature a young inexperienced backcourt. Opponents have also figured this out and are capitalizing. Teams are forcing Carolina into all types of turnovers and bad shots which ultimately equal Losses.

Opponents have been game planning for Duke a little bit differently this year. Teams continue to attack Duke inside. Dukes interior has been weak for the past 3 years but The Blue Devils have upgraded with bigger players. Ironically, In both losses their bigs were badly outplayed. Duke also has a live by the 3 die by the 3 approach that can backfire if your not hitting shots. Teams know this and capitalize.

The ACC continues to be the best conference in basketball and will likely send 7-9 teams to the NCAA tournament. We also may see a team other than Duke and Carolina win the regular season championship and the ACC Tournament. If you like to bet on the underdog this my friend is the year to do it.


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