Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shaq scores 28,000 points, Moves into the top 5 all time

I always liked Shaq. He is one of my favorite players. He is easily a top 3 Center of all time. He was the 1st dominating force of my generation. At 7ft 350 pounds he looks like something out of a comic book. He played like it to. I followed him all the way back to his LSU days where he was forced to enter the NBA because opposing teams would look to intentionally foul him to stop him. I followed him In Orlando where he literally broke the backboard on Dunks. I followed him in LA where he took the Lakers to 3 titles and won his 1st MVP award.

Shaq has an incredible skill set to go along with sheer power. In his prime he could single handily overpower multiple defenders. If he caught the ball in the paint you had to foul him or he would score or both. Over a 17 year career he averaged 24 pts and 11 reb shooting an incredible 58% from the field. He could of easily averaged closer to 34 points per game if he was a better FT shooter which most big man are not. He is now a top 5 scorer in the history of the NBA which puts him in an elite class with the likes of Kareem, Malone, Wilt, and Michael Jordan.

Even though Shaq is at the tale end of his career he is still a more than serviceable big man. He has Cleveland in the mix for a title run. The league will miss a great ambassador whenever he decides to hang up up his size 24 shoe. In the words of Shaq " CAN YOU DIG IT"


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