Saturday, January 23, 2010

NFL Final Four

The Final Four has a ring to it. Usually associated with the NCAA tournament the NFL is having its own version of the Final Four. Four teams remain and tomorrow nite a Super Bowl match up will be set for Miami.

The AFC championship game will put the NY Jets vs the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are at home where they are extremely tough to beat. They have the best QB in the game in Peyton Manning who is surgical with the passing attack. The Jets are menacing on defense and incredibly stingy when it comes to giving up points. They have a rookie QB in Mark Sanchez who has never seen this type of pressure but has performed well up to this point. NY beat Indy a few weeks ago in a controversial game when the Colts decided to rest their starters enabling NY to get the win. Sunday will be different, The Colts will have their guys in the whole game and have consistently been the best team in the league this year.

The NFC championship game in my opinion will be more exciting to watch. Once again the Stars will be on stage as the Minnesota Vikings visit the New Orleans Saints.
Minnesota looks dominating especially on Defense holding the Cowboys to one field goal and no touchdowns last week. Offensively Brett Favre looked sharp as he threw for 4 Touchdowns without an interception. Adrian Peterson didn't have a big game last week but at any time he can deliver the big play that can change the complexion of the game. New Orleans is fun to watch. They love to throw the football and they do it very well. Drew Brees is a top 3 QB in the NFL and probably the most accurate. He places the ball only where his receivers can get it. He also has big play threats all over the field. Reggie Bush is electrifying and can hurt you as running back, receiver, and punt returner. He singlehandedly destroyed Arizona last week. The Superdome should be rocking tomorrow as the Saints have never hosted an NFC championship game.

Predictions. In the AFC I'm going with the Colts. I just refuse to bet against Peyton at home. In the NFC, OOOh this is tough. I'm going with Minnesota. Defensively they are just too good. Sundays games should be great across the board. Cant imagine anything better than watching 4 great games on the big screen in HD.


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