Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Madness

If your a college basketball fan this is the time of year you love most. March Madness is upon us. Major Conference Tournaments are set to began this weekend followed by the the NCAA tournament which deicides the National Champion. It will be non stop hoop action all the way through early April. Offices will have contest and bracket parties filling out their eventual champion for the NCAA. CBS will have 10 games on at one time going back and forth to all the close games and highlighting the upsets. There will be heartbreaks and last second shots as your favorite teams will either win or go home. There will be cinderalla stories of teams who came from nowhere to beat a top seed and go further than they every gone before in school history.

Aww yes its that time of year. Final Fours Parties, Cookouts, better weather (depending on where you live) and plenty of Coach K American Express commercials. If your a hoops junkie, It dont get no better than this.


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