Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods owes me no aplogy

Earlier this morning Tiger Woods read a statement apologizing for his behavior in late November. His admission led to the world finding out that he had been cheating on his wife with several different women. This story dominated the press throughout the holidays and seemed to add momentum each and every day with the amount of women that came forward that he supposedly cheated with. Most of those women did feature stories on major networks and were paid royally for their stories. Some got hush money from Tiger not to go forward with their story. Some got paid by both parties and made out like a fat rat.

Tiger of course is to blame. He did cheat. What has me so upset is how the media is absolutely destroying the same guy they praised just 6 months earlier. I don't condone cheating when your married never have but each and every day men and women cheat on their husbands and wives and no one cares. Tiger Woods cheats and now its a national scandal. Stop it. The Media has Put this guy on a level that no athlete has ever seen. Tiger is #1 golfer in the world and the 1st billion dollar athlete. He has been Praised beyond belief almost to the point of overdoing it. Between Jordan and new media darling Lebron James, Tiger is easily the most recognizable figure in all of sports. To me this is a curse. The Media builds you up only to break you down. Once you make a mistake they will turn on you as quick as they can and Tiger is the latest victim. Nothing is personal in the world of a superstar. You cant go anywhere without someone taking pictures, you cant go anywhere without someone asking for an autograph, you cant have any private moments with you and your family.

The nite of Tiger's accident it was 1st reported as a minor car accident then it escalated by the second to Tiger cheating on his wife. Somebody had to dig deeper to find that out. Somebody had to be noisy to find out what really happened. Somebody had to know. the truth is, its nobodys business what tiger did that nite. Its nobodys business what he does in his free time. In trivial times when privacy is needed most the media refuses to give it to you. They will continue to dig in the wound till you bleed to death. Then they are done with you and on to the next story.

Tiger doesn't owe me anything. I realize that he is human and that he makes mistakes. I enjoy watching him play and I think he is one of greatest to ever take the golf course. Having said that I'm not here to judge him nor do i look at him any different. He is still Tiger Woods. He is still a dynamic figure in the world of sports and he will continue to win because he is just that good. Whats so bad is that at some point this situation will pass for Tiger and the minute he wins his 1st golf tournament post scandal all will be forgiven. People will slowly forget the transgressions and embrace him once more. Those same media outlets who praised him then bashed him will put him on an even higher pedestal than before. His sponsors will eventually come back because they know if they don't back him their competitors surely will. People, We are all human and every one of us has and will make mistakes. Tiger has apologized and is making the necessary adjustments to become a better husband and father. He is trying to move on. Why cant we do the same.


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  1. Good article! opinion about this story is much the same...however, I must say that Tiger put himself on a pedastal as well. He puts himself out there as is he's faultless and perfect...when YOU and the media put you on a pedastal like that...when you fall it's surely great!!!!