Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mid season awards

The NBA All Star Game is tomorrow and has generated alot of excitement throughout the league. Most teams have played just a little more than half the schedule and this is what have noticed up to this point.

Best Team - Lakers
LA has had the best record the majority of the season and has been hit with several injuries with Gasol and Bynum missing significant time. As a result Kobe has had to play injuried. ( Broken finger, back spasms, hairline fracture in ankle). Cleavland is probably playing the best and has the best record but no other team has the depth and the talent that LA possess. They are the champs till dethroned.

Best Coach - Mike Woodson
Mike Woodson has never received the credit that he has deserved. Well this year its hard to deny what he brings to the table. Woodson has the Atlanta Hawks clicking on all cylinders with the 3rd best record in the East. They swept the series season with Boston 4-0 and will be a force to reckon with come playoff time. cudos to Coach Woodson. If the NBA wont give you your props then I will.

Most Improved Player - Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant is a scoring machine averaging just under 30 points a game. He may end up shattering several scoring records before he is done. At 6'10 he has a surprisingly polished game. great jump shot on or off the dribble, nice handle, and he had added strength to help finish around the basket. He continues to improve at a rapid pace. In 2 years he may enter superstar status.

Sixth Man - Jamaal Crawford
Crawford is explosive off the bench. He is a streaky shooter that gets hot very often. He has been such a great addition to the Hawks roster. He can singlehandedly take over a game with his scoring. One of 3 players to score 50 on 3 different teams. If the Hawks continue to win he should win this award going away.

Best Player - The NBA likes to integrate the best player and the MVP Award. As a result they have messed up in past years with who truly deserves the award. To stop the confusion I added the best player award. Kobe has been the best player in the league for the last 7-8 years and is the most skilled and polished player in the world today. He is top 5 in scoring and has the Lakers in the drivers seat for another title.

Rookie of the year - Tyreke Evans
Tyreke is really good! I watched him in high school and in college and he has a great feel for the game. Evans is really crafty around the basket with all types of different finishes around the rim. He is difficult to stay in front of and has the ability to make plays as the lead guard. Once he develops a jumpshot this kid will be a star in the league for years to come.

MVP - Lebron James
Lebron has been incredible this year. He does so much for his team. He leads his team in all stat categories and is probably the only person in modern time that could avg a triple double before his career is over. He will have Clevland in the finals this year and will have a chance to bring back the 1st championship in franchise history. He definitely has been most valuable this season.


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