Monday, October 4, 2010

Alabama looks dominant

The Alabama Crimson Tide looks like the real deal. After squeaking by Arkansas in their SEC opener I thought Florida might give them a dogfight. That Definitely was not the case. Alabama absolutely destroyed Florida in what was thought to be a the game of the weekend.

Bama has too much of everything. Too many great offensive players. Too many great defensive players. Too many great coaches. They just look like a well oiled machine. I was at the game 2 weeks ago when Bama visited Duke and I watched them put 28 points on the board in the 1st quarter on their way to a 64 point outburst. As we get into the middle portion of the schedule I just don't see Alabama losing. We might as well crown these guys now because the next best team in college football is not even in the vicinity of Alabama.

USC has been known to keep 2 to 3 outstanding backs at all times but Bama has a 1,2 punch that is unstoppable. Ingram, the reigning Heisman trophy winner is probably the best down for down back in the country and he seems to be playing at a higher level than he did last year which is scary. Richardson is electrifying! He makes big play after big play. His speed and power makes him a perfect compliment to the already potent Ingram. Together they have and will run opposing teams to death.

Over the years I have given Alabama very little coverage but I had no choice but to show the crimson tide some love especially after smashing Florida this weekend. To all my Bama fans out there today and today only I'm with you. "Roll tide"


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